Madhya Chota Khayal in teentaal "Piya Ki Najariya JAdubhari" This is a traditional composition with lyrics. At this point in the performance the tabla joins the saxophone in teentaal. The music centers on improvised variations of the melody and improvisations within the raga. Raga Yaman.

Transition Theater: Kali Creates Fate
Cleo Parker Dance Theater 2015
Dustin Adams, drum set

University of Denver Lamont School of Music North Indian Classical Ensemble d. Sarah Morelli w/guests Trina Basu, Aakash Mittal

Chris "Citrus" Sauthoff - Sitar Dustin Adams - Tabla Denver Public Library September 1, 2012
This was filmed in January of 2012. it is a live performance of the Denver band the Minor Note Orchestra. It was filmed at 3 Kings Tavern in Denver, Colorado. For more Northern Colorado music go to or follow us on youtube and Facebook!
Brian Deneke Memorial Show December 7, 2007 Nat Ballroom Amarillo, TX Anacronymmunization Dustin Adams - Rhodes Perry Justus - Drums Donovan Stokes - Bass
Cabinet Crisis Chris Oles - vocals Casey Clark - guitar Donovan Stokes - bass Dustin Adams - drums Unity Through Diversity Festival 2000 In Memory of Brian Deneke The Peace Farm Amarillo, TX Summer 2000