Dustin Adams' musical personality is an amalgamation of sonic and cultural influences. From his roots playing punk shows to his Classical and Jazz training on piano and percussion, to his excursion into the drumming of Indian Classical music, Dustin brings a wide variety of musical experience to the table.

Dustin began playing guitar and drums in punk bands during his teens in Amarillo, TX. He later went on to earn a degree in music studying piano and percussion at Amarillo College and worked out his Jazz chops incessantly gigging under the wings of veteran musicians on keys and drum set. He also studied music at The University of North Texas where he developed an interest in the music of India, learning tabla, mridangam, and the art of making a mean cup of chai with master percussionists.

Dustin is an accomplished pianist and drummer who is at home performing everything from solo to big band Jazz, punk, rock, blues, studio work, musical theater, festivals, spacious stages to cramped corners, and just about everything in between. He performs regularly with his own and other groups, namely Stephen Brooks Trio (SB3), Poor Bodhi, Rope Trick Effect, and Dustin Adams Band.

Dustin has lived in Denver since 2011, teaches music at Swallow Hill Music Association and owns a piano tuning and repair business.